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AccoTax, s. r. o. - Daňové poradenství, účetnictví

AccoTax s.r.o. is a young professional company. We provide clients with tax advisory and accountancy services. We focus on the knowledge management in the area of taxes and accounting.


We proactively analyse risks, solve problems and help clients with their businesses. We ensure that clients are aware of their current financial and business situation.


We monitor the legislative changes since the a  new bill is proposed and analyse opportunities and threats.

Klára Toušková


Klára Toušková has more than 15 years of experience.  Kláara studied accounting and economics. She is a tax advisor registered with the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors since 1995. Klára was working for Ernst & Young for 12 years and specialises in international taxes and knowledge management in the tax and accounting area.


Klára speaks Czech and English.


„I established my own company as I was frequently told that I am reliable, hard working and able to see each case in the appropriate context. I always know what is new and when changes occurre.“

Email: info@accotax.eu
Phone: +420 603 165 451
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